Recruitment by the direct approach

  Our methodology – the direct approach – is the most suitable, adaptable and complete method to find and meet candidates who best fulfill our client’s professional requirements and reflect their company culture.

   The professionals sought are generally closely involved in their projects. They are rarely actively seeking a position. The direct approach is the most effective way of identifying and approaching candidates who match profiles in a specific professional environment that we know well.

  Des rapports de suivi de mission sont communiqués régulièrement tout au long de la recherche.

   The first contact with candidates is by a professional, confidential telephone call. If this is positive for both sides, the potential applicant is invited for an interview in our offices with the consultant responsible for the mission.

  A detailed application file is drafted carefully and then provided for each applicant proposed.

   We take care to establish true communication and, in order to lay the foundation for the lasting employment of the persons whose recruitment we recommend, we concentrate on advising clients and candidates with rigour and honesty.


RPO and setting up of externalised back office recruitment

RPO solutions combine our recruiters’ expertise in professions and recruitment methods in order to make the processes rational, to keep time to a minimum and to enhance the quality of applications while strengthening the development of the employer’s brand.

Externalised back office recruitment has the following main goals:


  • The very fast presentation of qualified, selected applicants with continuous search for profiles on several supports (social networks, job boards, sourcing, advertisements, relations with educational establishments, etc.). Informing and accompanying applicants to strengthen the professional and human image of the employer.
  • Enhancing renewed contacts and making each applicant approached a positive communication vector with regard to his professional network.
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